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Any defects intentionally made or left there by the author are just a part of the artwork.

My life as an artist has become so much easier and happier after realising, acknowledging and applying this to my art practices.

However, any defects made not by the author are defects. Please be careful with art.


My visual language is a kitbash set of elements created the way so they perfectly combine with each other.
Same way, completed works perfectly combine with each other too and it absolutely doesn’t matter how you arrange them on walls because they will look beautiful together in any order or configuration. This is another degree of freedom I add into my art.

I like breakthroughs and novelties. Also I like to expand my style by constantly breaking my own rules. That’s how things grow. By overdoing themselves.

I am lazy artist. I don’t want to explain my art. First, because pure abstract art doesn’t need explanations. Second, because I don’t know. This is the simple truth that I would like to share with you too. For some things I’m not intelligent enough and I don’t think I really need to be.

I recently called my style Techno Naive and I liked the name.


Less and less I neglect or dislike some of the materials, patterns, color combinations etc, which before I saw as tasteless and vulgar.

Seems like there is no tasteless materials out there.


At the opening of the “NEXT LEVEL” exhibition.
September 13, 2022, Amelia Douglas Gallery, New Westminster, BC, Canada.


The need of artists to sell their works in order to survive and grow is a curse and a huge obstacle to the full freedom of self-expression.


1. When I abandoned my ambitions regarding my day job (Visual Effects) I became a way better as a professional in it.

2. Right after I got completely disappointed in rules and principles of the art world and its institutions, my art became qualitatively way better than before (when I cared and tried to comply).

3. When recently I told all my friends that I don’t really want to have any exhibitions because it would greatly distract me from continuing developing my art, couple of months later I got one confirmed exhibition and two in plans.

So that’s how it works in this world?


Some time ago I’ve clearly realised that given all that freedom, no rules, one man decision - things we know and love Art for, we still are just a service to other people and without other people we are not even true artists because there is no one to appreciate and acknowledge it.
Everything I do strictly for myself as an artist, at the end of the day, I do it for other people. I want to become a better person because of art and hopefully others become a little better because of my art.


Anything combines well with everything if you don’t apply any predetermined rules to it.


I (would) like to create new trends but I don’t like to follow any. I know I do anyways but still I try to unfollow even my own trends in art as soon as I create new another.


For the last eight years I’ve been investing a lot of time into creating my own visual language. Universal, reusable, flexible, attractive and unique.
Now, finally, when I have created it, I can speak that language.
My sentences are my assemblages and paintings. My words are elements of my compositions. My meanings are your impressions.
Visualize my speaking.


Here it is. This beautiful and absolutely infinite present moment. I can go billion years back or forth in time still being in this very moment.
Everything that has ever happened, it happened now!
Everything that will happen, will happen now!
We are in now forever.

Everything else is just a projection.


I got much more freedom as an artist after I stopped adding any context, meaning, philosophy, explanation to the art I make.



Lately, I’ve been thinking that it would be great to share my thoughts, ideas, process and updates here, on my website, in a form of a personal blog. This will allow people who likes what I do to know me better as a practicing artist and maybe to find something new and useful for themselves.

Welcome everyone!