© Daniil Alikov 2021


My artistic practice is an ongoing visual and conceptual experiment about the possible image of art in the future.

I was born in times with no personal computers, cell phones and Internet and I have been witnessing an overwhelming emergence of all those new things and most importantly the change in human views and values.

Nowadays, we are seeing the beginning of an absolutely new era of super advanced cybernetic technologies which will soon give birth to Artificial General Intelligence. It will lead us to a huge shift of our status as currently the most influential and highly complex creatures on this planet who have always treated themselves as a pinnacle of evolutionary creation.

We can already see first paintings, songs and other pieces of art created by the smart algorithm. Hence we might assume that in the future some good portion of all art and design will be created by a machine. So my projection of the future includes the same assumption. The art of the future I present might be deliberately created by a machine.

Daniil Alikov