We now stand on the verge of absolutely new era of super advanced cybernetic technologies and development of General Artificial Intelligence. Humanity never experienced such a dramatic change in not only a progress of science but also a huge paradigm shift of our status on this planet as the most influential and highly complex creatures who always treated themselves as a pinnacle of evolutionary creation.

An artist, as a being traditionally very sensitive to such changes, may feel very specific type of anxiety based on concerns and questions about further fate of an art and culture in times of global digitalization of all the aspects of human life.

As once said “we can’t predict the future, but we can create it” the attempt to create the art of future is one of the obvious and probably naive ways to somehow deal with absolutely unbearable feeling of uncertainty about the role of art in the new world with different cultural values and maybe even different views on the beauty as an intuitive and immanent concept native to human mind.

In “Spectral” series Daniil Alikov attempts to explore and test how the perceiving of something as a beautiful may change in the future and how the actual piece of art might look in the eye of post-human or maybe even of non-human analytic apparatus.