© Daniil Alikov 2021


My work is entirely based on my research on the topic of the future and in particular, the possible appearance of art in that future. Also it’s very important to note that through my practice I show how the future is being constructed and realized in the present moment.

This is my very new take on The Suprematism Manifesto by Kazimir Malevich whose works I admire with no doubt. But there is no desire to destroy something anymore. There is no detachment from the objects of the past. We gained so much invaluable experience in those hundred years as a cultural species that we don’t need to destroy something or to dismiss anything in order to create some very new thing, a piece of art, namely. But the core desire to create the future now, by our artistic efforts, is definitely a very appealing idea to me.

I explore new materials, new approaches and new technologies when I create my works. I want to show the audience what’s also possible. And it’s very important for me to make works which are visually attractive. First, I judge it myself of course and I hope I will find people who share this feeling of new beauty with me.

My works speak the new visual language but one can find in it so many references from what we already have. Any new thing must include something familiar so we can identify it. Creation of something new is an infinite process of building up knowledge and experience. This is what truly inspires me. Moving forward and giving others a very new aesthetic experience. This is my artistic direction.

Daniil Alikov