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ongoing show:

ArtRich 2023

group exhibition

November 24 - December 31, 2023

Richmond Art Gallery

Richmond, BC, Canada

Daniil Alikov at Richmond Art Walk 26 Aug 2023

Richmond Art Walk 2023, Lipont Gallery, Richmond, BC, Canada

artist statement:

I make new beauty *

*This (very) short artist statement contains condensed information, successfully describing the art
practice of the artist, Daniil Alikov. Every word in this statement is critically important, and here is the
meaning of each of them: “I” refers to the artist, Daniil Alikov; “make” embodies the core principle
of Alikov’s art practice where art pieces are crafted, assembled, and constructed, rather than drawn
or painted; “new” indicates the continuous direction and primary artistic obsession of Daniil Alikov,
which is to create new art, a new visual language, a new style, and possibly, new forms of art itself;
“beauty” is the most challenging and elusive concept that Alikov aims to capture in every single
piece of art he creates, representing a visual beauty that, at times, is overlooked in contemporary art.

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