Daniil Alikov is an artist, designer and visual effects professional. He was born in 1980 in a small Siberian town in Russia where he lived for 27 years after which he moved to Moscow and then to Singapore where he lived for 6 years. Now he is based in Vancouver, Canada where he recently became permanent resident.
After dedicating 12 years working for visual effects for movies and still having it as a day job Daniil started his painter career in 2014. Now pursuing his artist path Daniil creates abstract paintings and sculptures.
In his artistic practices Daniil Alikov is highly inspired by modern architecture, new technologies, digital aesthetics and futuristic concepts. Currently working only on his Spectral series Daniil aims to establish his own authentic style which he calls Digitalizm.
Still considered as an emerging artist Daniil Alikov works towards being represented by an art galleries and hit his main goal which is to become full-time artist and dedicate all of his time to creating the art of the future for the people of the present as well as for future generations.